Blockfi Crypto Credit Card

After much anticipation and excitement finally the BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card has launched and you can jump on the waiting list now. The reason why so many crypto enthusiasts are excited about this is that its the first bitcoin rewards credit card to launch with a healthy 1.5% bitcoin cash back on all purchases. […]

Self Inc Credit Builder

Its time to do a full review on Self inc credit builder now that we have had it featured on the site for so long and its something I have personally used so I can give personal insight into what’s involved. With these credit builders, sometimes you don’t really know what you’re dealing with in […]

Get That Jewelry, Ligos Jewelry & Memelli Tradelines

Ever since so many online shopping sites that offer tradelines like My Jewelers Club and New Coast Direct stopped accepting new customers, there has been a huge demand for something similar as many people still want to use tradeline accounts like these to build their credit. I want to cover the 3 I keep hearing […]

What is a credit score & credit score ranges?

Treat Your Credit Score Like A Plant That You Constantly Take Care Of And It Will Pay Dividends When You Need It The Most! A credit score is a number that is assigned to every US citizen and resident that represents their ability to manage loans they have and pay their bills on time. This […]

Wells Fargo Shutting Down Personal Credit Lines

In what appears to be a very blatant restructuring attempt on Wells Fargo’s end, they have decided bascially overnight to shut down their popular consumer lending product, ending all existing personal lines of credit in the coming weeks for its customers. Naturally customers are very upset, not only will this negatively affect their credit scores […]

Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit

I have covered the best tradelines for bad credit before, now its time to cover the best credit cards for bad credit. It’s so unfortunate that once you are deemed as “not credit worthy” by the banks that you really don’t have that many options and it becomes a race to either improve your score […]

Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Personal Loans-Complete List

Most personal loan and debt consolidation sites do offer a soft inquiry pre-qualification process of some sort and then after you have seen your loan amount and APR rate they will have you confirm and once you have fully accepted the loan (this could be before or after you provide POI and verification) they will […]

Best Tradelines For Bad Credit

First off let me be clear about something, the contents of posts like “Best Tradelines For Bad Credit” are not sponsored and not “my pick” because I have an affiliation with the creditors. If you look around at your typical credit card sites like Nerd Wallet or Bankrate, they all do the same thing, which […]

2021 Credit & Loans Update!

We have been keeping you up to date with credit standards across consumer loans and mortgage loans during the Covid-19 pandemic and it would appear as though some things have changed. According to the latest FED senior loan officer survey, just as inflation is taking ahold of most sectors from groceries to steel, we have […]

Chase Backdoor Phone Numbers

I wanted to start off mentioning a core rule that Chase Bank follows when it comes to credit card approval criteria. Chase follows what they call a 5/24 rule, which means its almost impossible to get approved for a new Chase credit card if you have 5 + inquiries on your credit file in last […]