About Its Dumb Money

Its Dumb Money was created to be a personal finance resource for the middle class that is filled with actionable content an average person can use to build their credit profile and grow their portfolio!

Dumb money is often the term that “smart” people use to explain your run of the mill retail investor, we thought that was the most appropriate title for our mission here. 

You see I used to have a 463 credit score and thought that I could pay people to fix it, and after getting burned for thousands and thousands of dollars, I realized that this isn’t something I can outsource and so I had to roll up my sleeves and really understand what was involved here in order to get a great score. 

Look at what the scores below are dated! That means in just over a year I was able to completely transform my score. 

My score now is sitting just under 700 (which is an average score) and I have a thin file with mostly new accounts which I don’t even think is that great of a score but along the way I have been able to help others who didn’t have such a complicated file get hundreds of thousands of dollars now in new credit! 

Its time to remove the magic and mysticism in the credit game!