July 2020 Jobless Numbers & Consumer Spending!

Its been a month or so since we looked at the jobless numbers and where the economic data sits right now so lets check in with that. Initial jobless claims hit all time highs at various points during this whole pandemic, the worst of it hit in mid-April and into May, June and July you […]

38 Million Jobless

Its been a few weeks since I caught you up with the jobless numbers here on ItsDumbMoney, well this last weeks numbers came in at 2.44 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits for the first time. As you can see the peak has already passed and its on its way down, but the 9-week total […]

30-year Mortgage Rate Hits new Low!

As of April 30th the average 30-year mortgage was just 3.23%, down from 3.33% the week before, which is the lowest rate in almost 50 years of database keeping, according to Freddie Mac. On the same day data company Redfin published some data points from last week, here are the highlights. Home-buying demand is making […]

Millions Of Americans Can’t Pay Their Credit-Cards

The current US economy that has been created from the Covid-19 is a strange one to say the least. You are hearing stories ranging from people not wanting to go back to work because they are literally making more money from unemployment perks vs working and then you have millions who are calling up credit-card […]

Fresh Credit Card Debt Data

Fresh Consumer Credit & Debt Data Some fresh consumer debt stats for you (A mix of December 2019 & April 2020 data)..  Average FICO credit score was 695 and on VantageScore it was 673 (as of December) Approximately 14% of the population has no credit score whatsoever and is labeled as credit invisible.(as of December) […]