Master Credit Card Lender List

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This is my master lender list of most credit cards in America, which has taken me over a year to put together and update. It started as a very simple list that wasn’t mine and had data on some cards like what bureau they pull from and some had credit scores they liked to see. I took that list and blew it up, spending about 6 or 7 months combing through credit card and FICO forums updating with other data points and expanding on the credit scores.

I really wanted to make this all a one page list but the fact is I have so much more data on certain banks/credit cards that what I did is built out those pages first and they will be linked below under their name. Also as I gather more data on more credit cards, will be creating more in-depth pages, your best option is to bookmark this page.

Also I will start with what I call the ABCs which are the big hitters American Express, Bank Of America, Capital One and Chase, then will breakdown the rest from there. This will be only personal credit cards and personal loans, I will cover business data in future posts.

Keep an eye on this post, will continue to update this as we get more information.

Master Credit Card List

Credit CardBureauCredit ScoreData Points
American ExpressEx690+Definitive Amex Guide
BOA Cash RewardsEq/TU650+722/$9k/6 inq TU
BOA- Business Advantage Travel Rewards WorldEq/TU720+Backdoor phone numbers
Capital One Eq/TU/Ex580+Definitive Capital One Guide
Chase BankEx720+750/$10k
Chase AmazonEx750+Backdoor phone numbers
Chase FreedomEx750+766/$26k/15 inq
Chase Ink BoldEx720+Chase has 5/24 rule
Chase Sapphire PreferredEx720+766/$15k/15 inq
Chase Southwest PlusEx750+750/$3500
Chase United ExplorerEx720+720/$19k
Chase Ink Business PreferredEx690+685/$10k
Business cards
don’t report to
CitibankEq/TU720+6 inq in rolling
6 mo period rule
Citibank Best BuyEq/TuEq 767/$5k
TU 715/$15k
Citibank Double CashEx720+720/$6800
Citibank CostcoEq744744/$4k
Citibank Diamond Preferred
Ex720Backdoor Phone numbers
Citibank AA PlatinumEx/Eq720+Ex 720/$6500
Eq 734/$7k
Citibank Home Depot Commercial RevolvingEq695695/$10k
DiscoverEx/Eq620+Backdoor phone numbers
Discover ITEx620+647/$750
Discover IT BusinessEx690+
Everyone Else
Bank of The WestEx769More Info
Barclay Apple RewardsEx720+
BB&TEq720+More Info
BBVAEx650+biz cc’s don’t report at all
More Info
POI required
CO only
Centric Credit UnionEx530+
Citizens BankEq
Commerce BankTu771/$9k
Community First Credit
Credit Union of TxEq
Dell Computer FinanceEx690/$1500
Deserve Credit Cardprequal
DCU (digital credit union)Ex/Eq640+Eq 647/$3500
More Info
Elan Financial (Flagstar Bank)Ex/Eq
5th 3rd bankTu
Fidelity Amex Investment RewardsEx720+
Fidelity Investment Rewards VisaEx750+
FNBO AmexEx650+less than 6 inq in 3 mo
CLI every 4 statements
FNBO Ducks UnlimitedEx700+703/$8500
More Info
First Bank & Trust (Mercury)Tu620+$2k limit
Goldman Sachs AppleTu700+720/$5500
Apply inside wallet app
Goldman 1Ex700+719, 777
More Info
Great TX FCUEx620+
GE Credit UnionEq680/$8700
Home DepotEx650+
Home Depot ConsumerEx/Eq/Tu732/$20k
Ex 789/$5k
Tu 793/$50k
Home Depot RevolvingEq709/$10k
LMCU (Lake Michigan Credit Union)720+More Info
NFCU (Navy Federal)Eq/Tu650+More Info
NFCU Go Rewards VisaExEx 660/$1k
Eq 733/$13k
NFCU Flagship Signature RewardsTu707/$15k
Eq 737/$25k
NFCU AmexEx/Tu595/$15k
Paypal Cashback MCTu620+622/$300
PNC BankEx750+will accept high inq
CLIs every 6 mos
pull FICO 9
PNC Cash RewardsEx667/$4k
RBS Citizens BankEq
Regions BankTu769/$18k
Sams ClubEx660+
Suntrust BankEq/TuMerged with BB&T, not worth HP
Synchrony Bank (store cards)Tu580+Store Card List
SSFCU (Security Services)Tu650+Uses TU Credit Vision Scoring Model
TD BankEx
TD Signature VisaEx700+
T-MobileEq/TuHP on consumer/Business accounts
TU HP on Biz accounts
UMBEq/TuOnly Available in
Verizon WirelessEx/Eq
Wells Fargo Ex
Walmart (Capital One)Ex
Wright PattersonTu685/$5k
OH residents only
Personal Loans
Goldman SachsTu660+668/$25k
POI required
prequal soft pull
OneMain FinancialEx620+

Additional Lender Information

Alliant Credit Union Cashbank Signature Card- This card has horrible reviews, not paying 3% rewards, asking for 2 yrs tax returns, proof of all investment accounts, and lots of additional data.

Bank of The West  (Restricted to the West

  • Unsure if they always hard pull
  • Cash Back World Credit Card
  • 3% cash back on dining, gas, groceries
  • Unlimited 1% cash back on other qualifying purchases
  • 0% APR for first 6 months on ALL purchase
  • Ongoing APR 17.49-24.49%


  • Does SP on account opening, does HP on CLIs
  • Can have multiple cards (2 of each if you like)
  • Mixed reviews on when bureau reporting starts
  • They will give same CL on all cards you app for and get approved for. Crazy thing is after you do the prequal, if you qualify for all 3 cards, you will get all 3 cards and same limit on each.


  • DTI (debt to income) is very important to them, similar to NFCU
  • HP on Tu for CLI
  • Request CLI after 6 months

DCU (Digital Credit Union)

  • Personal Loans/Auto loan pulls Experian, CC pulls Equifax
  • Requires POI with every loan and CC
  • Creating a free checking account and letting it sit for 6 months will let your account qualify for “offers” which are SP offers shown in your admin. Outlined below…

DCU Pre-Approvals

  • Login to your DCU account
  • Under Loan Suite each loan type will have either a green button that says “apply” (not pre-approval) or a green button that says “Accept” and txt will say “Approved up to…” this means with just a SP its yours. 
  • Apply button means they will hard pull and you may have to submit documents depending on loan type.
  • After you get HP from DCU, you will have 30 days to apply for other loan types without another HP. 

Discover Phone Numbers

  • New Apps/CLI Specialist 800-347-4856
  • 888-676-3695 (Recon)

FNBO Ducks Unlimited

  • Will deny you if you have too many Inq within 6 months, less than 3
  • Can get CLI like clockwork every 4 statements & 1 day, usually $3500 or $5000
  • 5% back rewards, works at everything from Dicks Sporting goods to Gas stations to Nike outlet stores.

Golden One

  • Golden 1 Platinum Rewards
    • 9.29% APR
    • $500- $30,000
    • 3% cashback on gas, grocery, restaurants
    • 1% back on the rest
    • 0 Annual Fee
    • No balance transfer fees
  • Golden 1 Platinum Rewards For Students
    • 15.29% APR
    • 3% cashback on gas, grocery, restaurants
    • 1% back on the rest
    • 0 Annual Fee
    • No balance transfer fees

Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • MI or FL only
  • 7.75% APR ongoing
  • 0 Annual Fee
  • 1% foreign transaction fee
  • Credit line up to $25,000
  • Free car rental insurance

  • Lake Michigan CU Max Rewards Visa
    • 11.5% APR
    • 3% cash back on gas purchases (up to $500 per month) or 3 reward points per dollar on gas purchases
    • 2% cash back on all grocery purchases (unlimited) or 2 reward points per dollar on grocery
    • 2% cash back on restaurants or 2 reward points per dollar on restaurants
    • 1% cash back on all other purchases (unlimited)
    • Credit line starts at $5,000
    • Free car rental insurance

NFCU Navy Federal Credit Union

First card through NFCU is usually $1k, then you need 3 statements plus 91 days to pass (91/3) before you go get your 2nd card (or CLI) with them which is usually higher. Normally they pull Trans for new cards and EQ for CLIs, ask for 3x your current CL and they will counter you back with what they can do.

Flagship card may have a min of $5,000 qualification requirement, better to go with other card first and then apply for this on the second card. 

DTIs very important to NFCU!